Tracked petrol wheelbarrow
with front loader

33 600 PLN net

Technical parameters

Operating weight kg 860
Capacity kg 800
Capacity m3 0.26
Job type self-loading and unloading


Capacity l 0.719
Rated power kW/rpm 10.2/2500
Max. Torque Nm/rpm 42.9/2000


Maximum driving speed km/h 4
Minimum driving speed km/h 2
Max. ability to climb hills 30%


Ground pressure KPa 26.13
Material rubber
String Type screw adjustment


Pump type double gear pump
Pressure MPa 16
Flow l/min 30

Tank capacity

Hydraulic oil tank capacity l 14
Fuel tank capacity l 16


Wheelbase (a) mm 914
Track length (b) mm 1230
Total length (c) mm 1795
Track height (d) mm 320
Height from the front edge of the wheelbarrow to the ground (e) mm 810
Maximum loader raised height to ground (f) mm 1690
Platform height to ground (g) mm 355
Height of control console from the ground (h) mm 1005
Total height of the folded machine(s) mm 1060
Total width (j) mm 820
Track width (k) mm 180
Loader width (m) mm 620
Maximum dumping height (n) mm 1700
Maximum unfolded height of the machine (p) mm 2980


The XN800 petrol wheelbarrow is a handy and powerful tracked dump truck with a front loader and hydraulic discharge. The load capacity of the XN800 model is 800 kg. It can move safely at an inclination of 30 degrees. The strong, steel cargo box is perfect for various types of tasks. It has a foldable platform.
The XN800 model is ideal equipment for the most demanding construction, electrical, plumbing, renovation and service companies in similar industries. We also guarantee post-warranty equipment service. Wheelbarrows are manufactured on the basis and under the supervision of European technicians. The equipment is made of a strong structure and can work in any conditions.

FREE 12-month warranty – after this date we offer all spare parts and professional service if necessary

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