power generator

27 200 PLN net

Basic parameters

Model DPK-DFAW-55
Phases 3
Voltage V 380/220
Maximum power, 400V kVA 55
Nominal power, 400V kVA 50
Power factor cosφ 0.8
Max current A 76
Frequency Hz 50
Fuel consumption (L/hr per kW at 75% power) 9
Capacity of the cooling system l 13
Working time on a full tank of fuel h 8
Sockets 1X 16A 1PHASE 1X32A 3PHASE 1X63A


Dimensions L*W*H mm


Weight kg



The KINGWAY three-phase power generator is a reliable device with high efficiency. Thanks to the advanced motor and current generation technology, it provides a constant and stable power supply. It has a compact design and is easy to use. Ideal for both home and industrial applications. KINGWAY is a brand you can rely on, ensuring reliability and efficiency in all conditions.

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