40 000 PLN net

Technical parameters

Power: [hp] 23 KM
Fuel : gasoline
Drive : Wheels
Lifting capacity: [kg] 350
Total machine weight: [kg] 770
Tires: 20×18.5-10
Total working height [mm] 2452
Height to bucket hinge pin [mm] 1914
Height to top: [mm] 1370
Overall length without bucket: [mm] 1740
Overall length with bucket: [mm] 2170
Dump angle at maximum height: [°] 33.7
Drop height: [mm] 1515
Drop range: [mm] 545
Wheelbase: [mm] 657
Ground clearance: [mm] 140
Turning radius at front without bucket: [mm] 801
Front turning radius: [mm] 1282
Rear turning radius: [mm] 1026
Tread width, from centerline to centerline: [mm] 960
Total width: [mm] 1150
Bucket width: [mm] 1160
Included: FORKS + BUCKET

Skid Loader ROSOMAK

We are pleased to offer you a modern Skid Loader ROSOMAK.

This model is the perfect equipment for the most demanding construction, electrical, plumbing, repair and service companies in similar industries. We also guarantee post-warranty equipment service. CHARGERS are manufactured on the basis and under the supervision of European technicians. The dumper is agile and has a good load capacity, perfectly balanced, it can cope with all conditions.
It is possible to install over 30 types of various types of attachments: from a loader bucket, through a pallet fork, a tiller, to a hydraulic breaker. The multitude of accessories in conjunction with the 23 HP gasoline engine give an incredibly versatile and powerful device.

FREE 12-month warranty – after this date we offer all spare parts and professional service if necessary

Free transport in Poland!