M20 CP

86 200 PLN net

Technical parameters

Model: M20 CP
Engine: Perkins
Power (KM) 20 KM
Fuel: diesel
Number of cylinders: 3
Drive: Caterpillars
Dig depth: [mm] 2050
Digging range: [mm] 3600
Dimensions: 3400 mm x 1100-1300 mm x 2200 mm
Total machine weight: [kg] 1960
Hydraulic output: hammer, drill, ripping tooth, wood grapple, rake
Torsion arm: YES
Extending tracks: YES
Included: bucket 300/500/1000

M20 CP

M20 excavator on tracks. Modern mini excavator M20 - professional and durable.

The M20 model is the perfect equipment for the most demanding construction, electrical, plumbing, repair and service companies in similar industries. We also guarantee post-warranty equipment service. Mini-excavators are manufactured on the basis and under the supervision of European technicians. The equipment is made on a strong structure, it can work in all conditions.

FREE 12-month warranty – after this date we offer all spare parts and professional service if necessary

Free transport in Poland!


Bucket 300

Bucket 500

Bucket 1000

Extras for a surcharge

Drilling rig

Breaking tooth

Hydraulic hammer

Bucket torsional slope