22 100 PLN net

Technical parameters

Model & nbsp; CT10
Weight in service kg 920
Bucket capacity 0.022
Engine Model & nbsp; KOOP
Power rating kW / rpm 7/3000
Hydraulic pump model & nbsp; C108-51A-01000A0
Maximum Flow lpm 18
Working pressure MPa 16
Control valve model & nbsp; DL80
Trading Engine Model & nbsp; C108-57A-01000A0
Drive motor model & nbsp; C108-56A-01000A0
Fuel tank capacity l 7
Hydraulic reservoir capacity l 14.5
Driving speed km / h 1.9
Rotation Speed ​​ rpm 13
Max. degree of invasion % 58
Arm Kick Force kN 4.6
Bucket Digging Force kN 7.2
Average ground contact force KPa 28
Total Length (A) mm 2976
Total Width (B) mm 840/880
Overall height (to the top of the boom) (C) mm 1110
Overall height (to top of cab) (D) mm 2225
Counterweight (E) Clearance mm 370
Min. ground clearance (F) mm 132
Counterweight swing radius (G) mm 815
Length of tracks on the ground (H) mm 900
Total length of tracks (J) mm 1233
Width between tracks mm 660
Track width (outside) mm 840
Track width mm 180
Platform width mm 760
Max. digging height (O) mm 2585
Max. unloading height (P) mm 1715
Max. digging depth (Q) mm 1787
Max. vertical digging depth (R) mm 1626
Max. digging reach (T) mm 3210
Max. digging reach at ground level (U) mm 3125
Min. swing radius mm 1595
Distance between pivot center and counterweight length mm 815
Bulldozer Lift Height mm 146
Bulldozer Drop Depth mm 261
Included: & nbsp; bucket 300/500/800


CARTER CT10 excavator on tracks. Modern mini excavator CT10 - professional and durable. The CT10 model is the perfect equipment for the most demanding construction, electrical, plumbing, repair and service companies in similar industries.

We also guarantee post-warranty equipment service. Mini excavators are manufactured on the basis and under the supervision of European technicians. The equipment is made on a strong structure, it can work in all conditions. It has a torsion arm.

FREE 12-month warranty – after this date we offer all spare parts and professional service if necessary

Free transport in Poland!


Bucket 300

Bucket 500

Bucket 800

Extras for a surcharge

Drilling rig

Breaking tooth

Hydraulic hammer

Bucket torsional slope