Crawler wheelbarrow
with a petrol engine

6 520 PLN net

Technical parameters

Engine One cylinder, four stroke
Cool by air
Engine capacity 212cc
Power 7.5
Engine brand RATO
Fuel tank capacity l 1,2
Boot manual, jerked
Gearbox 3 gears (forward) 1st gear (reverse)
Working pressure MPa 16.5
Nape ² d hydraulic
Nap type ² du tracked
Width ga ² sieve mm 180
Roll ga ² net 4 pcs.
Nacia ² g g g ² August YES
Crate dimensions mm 860x630x290
Payload kg 500
Pre ² driving speed km / h 0-5.5
Weight kg 179


The G300 tracked petrol wheelbarrow is a handy and powerful device equipped with a four-speed manual gearbox. Thanks to the caterpillar drive, you can reach any hard-to-reach place. A strong, steel cargo box with a load capacity of 300 kg is perfect for a variety of tasks.
The G300 is the ideal equipment for the most demanding construction, electrical, plumbing, repair and service companies in similar industries. We also guarantee post-warranty equipment service. Wheelbarrows are produced on the basis and under the supervision of European technicians. The equipment is made on a strong construction, it can work in all conditions

FREE 12-month warranty – after this date we offer all spare parts and professional service if necessary

Free transport in Poland!