Pallet truck

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Technical parameters

Model 15DL
Loading capacity Q (kg) 1500
Total width of forks b5 (mm) 560
Fork length l (mm) 1150
Width of one fork e (mm) 150
Lowered fork height h13 (mm) 85
Lifting height h3 (mm) 200
Total Length l1 (mm) 1624
Total width b1 (mm) 685/560
Total Height h14 (mm) 1174
Size of the front wheels Φ80 × 60
Drive wheel size Φ210 × 70
Turning radius Wa (mm) 1440
Center of gravity distance c (mm) 600
Lift motor 24V / 0.8kW
Drive motor 24V / 0.75kW
Battery 2 × 12V / 75Ah
Battery weight (kg) 40
Battery life (h) 3.5
Own weight (without battery) (kg) 160


We offer you an electric pallet truck with a refined structure in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency.

FREE 12-month warranty – after this date we offer all spare parts and professional service if necessary

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